Wednesday, August 17, 2016

On The Road The Real Truck Simulator

On The Road The Real Truck Simulator
Surprise a new truck game is coming out by German Developers ToxSick Labs (Toxtronyx)
Remember ToxSick Labs made the first commercial addon for TML Studios’ City Bus simulator 2010. I still have my gameplay 9min capture of that addon on my youtube left  CBS Regiobus Addon Gameplay HD - YouTube
They had done very great job on that addon it was top quality. Now they are making a new truck game I think this one will be great too I'm looking forward to it.

The name of the game is "On The Road The Real Truck Simulator" and according to the release date is TBA unkown and the publisher looks like be Aerosoft. No info at this moment if it will be released on Steam. I don't know what game engine they are using looks like Unity engine the upcoming Bus sim game "Fernbus Coach Simulator" uses (Unreal Engine 4)

Toxtronyx, formerly known as ToxSick Labs, is an independent developer of computer games based in Chemnitz, Germany. Website
They have done some games and have some skill.

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  1. Also Cristineltr at his BLOG is doing some truck models and Physics test in Unity3D game engine and UE4 engine it's not a game for more info video clips see his BLOG