Friday, June 9, 2017

GOG summer sales games

GOG is running summer sale don't miss best deals for all the good old games at reduced price up to 80% off for some games. To bad SCS truck games are not at GOG yet they should add their old games there too. Only ETS2 is available at Ea Origin. GOG is the best digital download distributor for games in the world because they don't force people use bg program they have as optional and all games are DRM free at GOG! Here is some games i recommend at GOG: Commandos, Dracula Trilogy, Outlast, SWAT 4, Sanitarium.

1 comment:

  1. GOG have not all old games one special game from 2003 called "The Omega Stone Riddle of the Sphinx II "
    It's Stunningly realistic 3D.You Explore archeological sites, Ancient Puzzles, Lost Civilization. have Pyramids of Egypt.