Monday, July 31, 2017

God of War Spartan Film not yet

I'm very disappointed at film makers many years have passed and still there is no movie made based on one of the most powerful God of War video games. Never i have been so interested in the character kratos the spartan warrior. There was a spartan movie 300 (2006) made but it's not close to kratos character. The 3D all cutscenes from the God of War 2 video game at youtube 1hr and 42min is a good inspiration for a films, Also God of War music was one of the best soundtrack and music made by large Orchestra URL.

I hope film maker one day can make a movie of Kratos the spartan warrior and not just about a spartans but also it should go deep into his doing and consequence more about Kratos character and his arrogance and his courage against the gods. The character Kratos is interesting is fueled by vengeance and rage and that led to his family get killed. That is exact how is in reality like the deadly sins when you are blinded by hate or revenge then you fall going down.

Some ideas for movie name;  Rage Of Sparta , Rage Of Kratos, Spartan Downfall, God of War Spartan Revenge, etc. Some movie charter become legends with glory and will be remembered forever.

God of War 3 - Main Theme - Music is very powerful perfekt

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