Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mortal Kombat TV series

Mortal Kombat Legacy 2
Recently "Mortal Kombat Legacy 2" 2013 web series is released for home some month ago on Blu-ray & DVD, Blu-ray Review. "Mortal Kombat Legacy 1" was released in 2011 IMDb

Also the old "Mortal Kombat: Conquest" was a TV series which aired from 1998 to 1999. IMDb Filmed in Orlando, Conquest was cancelled after just one season (22 episodes), despite being very popular. It only has been released on DVD 4:3 format and not in HD. I'm fan of this TV series.
Mortal Kombat: Conquest DVD

A quick summary of all MK film and series:
. Mortal Kombat (1995)
. Mortal Kombat Annihilation (1997)
. Mortal Kombat: Conquest (1998) TV series 
. Mortal Kombat Conquest - Dark Shadow (2003) Film
. Mortal Kombat: Rebirth (2010) short 8min test video clip made for WB
. Mortal Kombat Legacy I  (2011) web series
. Mortal Kombat Legacy  II (2013) web series 
. Mortal Kombat Film (TBA) status unknown IMDb

Sunday, November 23, 2014

List of simulation games

It's time to summary up most known simulation video games.
For more list of sim games visit Wiki or visit

Flight Simulation:
. aerofly FS
. Ace Combat series
. Microsoft Flight Simulator series
. X-Plane 10 Global - 64 Bit

. Farming Simulator 15
. Farming Simulator 2013
. Farm Machines Championships 2014

Fire & Rescue Simulations:
. Emergency 1 Fighters for Life
. Emergency 2
. Emergency 3
. Emergency 4  Global Fighters for Life  (know as 911 First Responders)
. Emergency 5 - Deluxe Edition (New)
. Emergency 2013
. Emergency 2014
. Rescue - Everyday Heroes
. Airport Firefighter Simulator
. Chemical Spillage Simulation
. Firefighters 2014 The Simulation 
. Firefighter F.D.18 (PS2) 

Bus Simulators:
. Bus Driver (SCS)
. Bus-Simulator 2012 (TML)
. Bus-Simulator 2009
. City Bus Simulator 2010 New York  (TML)
. City Bus Simulator 2010 Regiobus Usedom (Addon)
. Omnibus Simulator
. OMSI 2 Steam Edition

Car Racing:
. Forza Motorsport  (series)
. Gran Turismo (series)
. Need For Speed (series)
. Test Drive Unlimited 2
. Next Car Game Wreckfest

Car Simulation:
. Project CARS (TBA)
. Assetto Corsa
. simulator
. Car Mechanic Simulator 2014

Truck Simulators:
. 18 Wheels of Steel series
. American Truck Simulator (TBA)
. Hard Truck series
. King of the Road
. Euro Truck Simulator 2
. Scania truck driving simulator
. Transport Simulator
. Rig 'n' Roll
. Rigs Of Rods
. Spintires

. Forklift Truck Simulator 2009
. Warehouse and Logistics Simulator

Building Heavy Machines:
. Construction Simulator 2015
. Construction Simulator 2012
. DIG IT! - A Digger Simulator
. Road Construction Simulator 2011

Ship Simulators:
. European Ship Simulator (Early Access)
. Ship Simulator Maritime Search and Rescue 2014
. Ship Simulator Extremes
. Ship Simulator 2008
. Ship Simulator 2006

Train Simulator:
. Train Simulator 2015
. World of Subways 1 - 3

. Street Cleaning Simulator
. Recycle Simulator 2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Construction Simulator 2015

The German publisher Astragon has released a new Construction Simulator 2015 game on Steam yesterday.  I have not test this game and i don't know if it's worthy. The game 3D models are made in Maya. Also it have support for mods. Now Scs Software have some competitor. The best thing about this game is the player model can walk free and enter & exit machines, etc.

The game have 15 construction machines and yes you can drive some truck and even a forklift and loading goods on them like this pic from Review video LINK:

The cockpit view of the drivers cabin Man Truck

The cockpit view of the drivers cabin mobile crane

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Apollo-11 Render VS Photo

Soon computer game graphic beats reality... In the new Nvidia Apollo-11 graphic demo Link Unreal Engine 4 is used to show the difference. On the left is the in game render and on the right is the real photo.

"Powered by NVIDIA Maxwell GPU architecture and Epic’s UE4 and using NVIDIA’s Voxel Global Illumination (or VXGI) we explore the Apollo 11 landing site and put the landmark photo of Buzz Aldrin descending to the moon’s surface to the test."

Thursday, November 6, 2014

aerofly RC 7

A new flight radio controlled (R/C) game "aerofly RC 7" by Developer IPACS has been released today at Steam. Be aware that it's more a training tool than a game. Website:
The maker of aerofly are professionals in cooperation with IKARUS and have some experience with plans and flights. They are not just a regular game developer that is way their game is good. I have already posted about their other flight sim game aerofly from 2012 here.

"Since 1998 IKARUS developes flight simulators in cooperation with IPACS, being again the driving force for a trend-setting development in model aircraft flying: Flying on a PC or Mac with flight simulators. IKARUS is a Flight School. "


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Farming Simulator 15: Collector's Edition

Farming Simulator 15: Collector's Edition have got many fans it got some improvements and sells well, also it's developer Giants care for the modding community. They have included modding book and DVD that is odd not many developer do this.

Farming Simulator 15: Collector's Edition content:
- Game Disc
- Manual
- Keychain
- Modding For Dummies Book
- Modding DVD
- Poster
- Tractor Model "New Holland"
- Stickers

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Convoy VHS cover & papermagazine

"Ah, breaker 1 - 9, this is Rubber Duck. Anybody gotta copy on me, Pig Pen, c'mon" ...
It's time to celebrate Convoy film it's gone 36 years since Convoy 1978 film was made. "Kris Kristofferson" is still alive 78 years old only "Ernest Borgnine" has passed away R.I.P.
- Convoy (1978) 35th Anniversary Special Edition [UK] Blu-ray Review Link

- Here is an old Convoy film German VHS cover picture from 80's by Cannon Entertainment:

- And some old convoy rubber duck paper magazine:
After "Convoy" film Rubber Duck is King Of The Road. 10-4 Rubber Duck.