Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Forza Apex Beta

Forza Motorsport 6 Apex

I've test Forza Motorsport 6 Apex (Beta) that is build exclusive for Windows 10 and requires Directx12 is developed by Turn 10 Studio. Anyone can download it free from Windows10 Store App. It's around 18GB and it toke me 1hr to download. Microsoft need to improve the app store it's clumsy and slow for download large games.

The game have excellent realistic graphic i had only some blur (v-sync) problem i use Gefore 960 and the game auto detects graphic setting and it did set to medium for me and it has dynamic render setting. You can play the game with keyboard or a controller i recommend XboxOne controller.

I have tested the game it runs ok and i had only freeze at loading it happen some times and not any crash yet while driving. Many of the cars are locked you have to pay with real money or play tour to unlock. This may be the down side of a free game all the content may not be there and you have to pay for the rest. All cars have own dash interior view. The game have many difficulty setting you can turn off brake and steering assist. Car handling feels very good! and done well and the sound from engine is ok. Update:  After i updated to new Nvidia Driver 365.10 the game now run much better more smooth and no frame drops or lag on medium render.(Only bug right now is some times it freeze at loading must restart and exit with Alt+F4)

Here is a screenshot of Main Menu: (To take screenshot with xboxapp key is Win+Alt+PrtSc)
Main Menu

Also the game have a showroom for viewing cars called ForzaVista in main menu you can take pictures of you cars (In showroom you can open all doors, turn on headlight,  look inside engine, and go in the car seat and listen to audio commentary, etc.)
Showroom ForzaVista

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

1978 Mack Cruiseliner Truck

1978 Mack Cruiseliner

I've found  the 1978 Mack Cruiseliner mod for PTTM. Mack Cruiseliner  was in Convoy Movie that was Driven by Bobby 'Love Machine' 'Pig Pen' . That truck mod is included in 18wos 70's diesel mod for Pttm you can get it: here

Also i have cleaned up some useless blog topics. I should not post too many post for other games.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Headlight old game cancelled

Headlight old game cancelled
I did got screenshots and info from Developer: Russian Mod Group "CR" was many years ago at my truck fan site they wanted to make a truck game called "Headlight" it was planed to be released for year 2009. But sadly it was cancelled and will no be released. I do not remember the reason I think they change game engine to another one and they had some problems to finish it.

"The game was  taking place in Russia, end of ninghtees. There was 20 regions (from Murmansk to Sochi, From Smolensk to Cheljabinsk). There was going to be roads of about 20 000 game kilometres Many hidden roads, an saturated traffic. There was going to be about 100 models of Russian vehicles, that you can use. The possibility of buying trucks, cars and buses. There wanted be a lot of jobs with special vehicles like a taxi, an ambulance, a dumper truck and a city bus. You will also have the possibility of buying some buildings like hotels, Petrol stations and car bases."

Maybe this games can give some idea for Scs to make a multi sim game with not just trucks to drive and with narrow small hills and deformable terrain road challenges.  Also SPINTIRES™ on Steam is another good off road truck game with real physics it got very popular you can download the ZIL truck at Steam Workshop ZiL-130 + pack trailers here Many mods was made for Spintires game you can see this Peterbilt 379 truck mod with video clip at youtube

Monday, April 11, 2016

Flash back mods for old 18 Wos truck games

It was year 2004 that all modding begun for 18 Wos truck games. Time goes fast 12 years has gone since that time. Some of the good old days mods are forgotten. I will post some picture of the special mods to remember them. There is more mods i can not post all here, tt will take a lot of pages. It nice to look back to see and remember this old mods again. Just do not forget that all this mods was not possible without help and plugin from Zmodeler2 program Back in the old days there was no Blender plugins from Scs and was no modding Wiki.

18 Wos Haulin
Optimus Prime pete
Optimus Prime pete by VanDeNiggo & evh5150vanhalen made in 2008
It replace the standard p385 truck. It's not standalone. It's based on the real Peterbilt truck in transformers movie. 

Euro Truck Simulator
Toyota LandCruiser 60 (1987) Toyota LandCruiser 60 (1987) Drivable Off Road Car made in 2008 Converted by Cristinel and 3dartpol. It Replaces Renault Magnum C truck and It has own interior!

18 Wos Convoy
European double trailers combo by 3dartpolEuropean double trailers combo by 3dartpol. It can pivot in 2 point. It's not a tandem. I did made in 2006-02-07.

18 Wos Pedal to the Metal
Smoke ModDarker Smoke by Ken Worth
It makes the smoke more darker

18 Wos Pedal to the Metal
Showroom mod
Showroom mod by hardtruckisthebest made in year 2005 as you see in picture it add grass and tree to background of showroom...

18 Wos Pedal to the Metal 
Fog Storm weather mod for pttm
Fog Storm weather mod for pttm
It did add fog to some area of the map

18 Wos Across America
Mack-R truck by 3dartpolMack-R truck by 3dartpol
I was the first to make truck mods for AA game thanks to Zmodeler2 program without it it was not possible.

18 Wos Across America
P379 dumper truck for AA by 3dartpol
P379 dumper truck for AA by 3dartpol for 18 Wos Across America game. I got inspiration from the old Atari Driver game has similar truck.

For more mods and download see this blog post:

Saturday, April 2, 2016

18wos 70's diesel mod for Pttm

18wos 70's diesel logo
18wos 70's diesel mod for 18 WoS Pedal to the Metal game is forgotten. Maybe this mod can give some inspiration for a new game. With old rusty trucks. ValuSoft need to come back... I wonder what happen to publisher ValuSoft.

I have the old 70's diesel mod download link left for anyone that want it 99MB:

18wos 70's diesel v1.1 is a mod that change the Pttm map and adds many old trucks from 70's some of my old Mack-R trucks are included and also this mod contain a Bus too, and it adds new buttons for main menus and new color and new bg music, etc. Credits are in the rar file. Screenshots:
18wos 70's diesel Map
rusty_p351by 3dartpol
This rusty_p351 truck was made by me credit goes for Scs Software for the cabin and chassis the rest is made in 3dsmax.  I have tested 18 WoS Pedal to the Metal game under Windows 10 and it works great. The installation of 70's mod is simple just extract all folders to your dir C:\Users\...\Documents\18 WoS Pedal to the Metal\

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Most well known game engines

There is many games engine out there for game development and it's not a easy task to make own engine from zero. I will list most well known game engines.
Some people complain that Scs Software need to change their game engine but this people or kids don't know anything about programming or optimization.  Scs Software have skilled programmers they have self created own Prism3D game engine that is optimized for truck games now some people say they should use Unreal Engine 4 that is a bad idea because Unreal Engine 4 is best suitable for shooter fps games and not for truck games. What Scs need to do is just update their Prism game engine to support DirectX11 & 12 and OpenGL in their recent interview Pavel said they will update their shader for Directx11.

Cryengine V 
Cryengine new update has been announced more info at
Best suitable for shooter fps and driving open world games or other stuff can handle large world

Source 2
Valve announced the Source 2 engine, and that it will be free for developers and compatible with the new Vulkan Graphics API. In addition, Valve confirmed that it would be using a new in-house physics engine named Rubikon.

Stingray game engine by Autodesk
Has excellent light and animation support  also it's made by same makers that made 3dsMax and Maya so it should be very good optimized for 3d mesh:

Unity 5 
This is low budget game engine best suitable for creating 2D games and for indie dev

OGRE - Open Source 3D Graphics Engine
Rigs of Rods truck simulator game based on an advanced soft-body physics was made with OGRE engine.

Unreal Engine 4
Developed by Epic Games since 1998 Excellent high quality engine best for shooter fps games

Frostbite Engine
Is made by DICE is excellent realistic graphic best suitable for shooter fps games
Also it can be used for racing car games. Need for Speed: The Run and Rival was made with Frostbite Engine

Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE)
Used in games Red Dead Redemption and GTA more info Wiki

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rig'n'Roll Gold Edition on Win10

Rig'n'Roll Gold Edition
Some people on Steam posted for Rig'n'Roll game that they had some difficulty to run the game under Windows 8 because of the protection StarForce, the developers do not want to update the protection driver to support Windows 8.1. You have to Go on the Steam Files, Rig N Roll, click on properties in rungame.exe, and take the compability on windows 8. it will run the game.

I have tested "Rig'n'Roll Gold Edition" DVD version 3.05.2726 and it works great under Windows 10 64bit "Rig'n'Roll Gold Edition" was released in 2013 by Polish publisher Cenega and it have not any protection and no StarForce. So if you want stay out of problem do not buy Steam version go for Gold Retail version.

This game could be great but developer ruin it, had some bad design and annoying long cut scene that you can not skip. Also the game map is based on real world distance and it takes very long time to deliver cargo and it make the game very boring and monotonous.

Rig'n'Roll Gold Edition includes Content Monster Cup add-on:
"The „Monster Cup“ is a special add-on to the Rig‘N‘Roll game, providing completely
new routes, vehicles, and allowing you to take part in a major truckers‘ race organized
by the CCWA (California Commercial Warehouse Alliance) In that competition, you not
only need to deliver your cargo - you also have to be the fastest driver! The Monster
Cup race consists of a few different parts and sometimes you just have to win a few
races in order to get to the next stage, but remember that in other cases even being
second won‘t be enough
The add-on is available either after finishing the Rig‘N‘Roll scenario or from the
„Story“ section in main menu, after turning that scenario off"
info From Manual page 7