Sunday, May 7, 2017

Cars film render stages

Here is some 3D render images from first Cara film. Creation stage begins with 2D drawing and then 3D artist make the mesh and so on... Pixar have done great job on animations it take a lot of time and work. Every car have it's unique personalities...

Stage 1: Wireframe
Stage 1: Wireframe

Stage 2: Render without texture
Stage 2: Render without texture

Stage 3: Render with no color
Stage 3: Render with no color

Stage 4: Test render with reflection
Stage 4: Test render with reflection

Stage 5: Final render finish
Stage 5: Final render finish

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Disny Pixlar Cars

Disney Pixar Cars

A new movie Cars 3  by Disney Pixar is coming soon. First “Cars” film grossed millions at the worldwide box office in 2006 and was nominated for an Academy Award. later “Cars 2” film hauled more millions five years later, and became the first Pixar film not to be nominated for an Oscar. It is nice to see that they have used old tow car from 70's. Looks like the good old rubber duck Mack-RS700L truck from Convoy 1978 film almost. Maybe film makers one day can make a similar film for trucks too. The Cars film have already a new red Mack truck but it's only for transport. With the power of 3D animation everything is possible.

Here is the old rusty tow truck from cars film looks like from 70's.
old tow truck

Friday, March 17, 2017

On the Road - Truck Simulation Early Access

Early Access Version - On the Road - Truck Simulation
On the Road – the realistic truck simulator for the PC by the German developer Toxtronyx is currently in an advanced stage of development You can find Early Access at Steam too. Use the Early Access phase to tell them about your wishes and ideas,More info see publisher website

Remember ToxSick Labs made the first commercial addon for TML Studios’ City Bus simulator 2010. Developers ToxSick Labs (Toxtronyx). New Trailer see here

"NOTE: This Steam Early Access game is currently not a finished game and may or may not change significantly over the course of development.  " On The Road on Steam

Monday, January 2, 2017

Air pollution

Air pollution

Reports and news say that Oslo and several other Norwegian cities have suffered from serious air pollution. Also Berlin in Germany and several French cities have been hit by severe air pollution

Air pollution affects both health and the environment. They can make people sick and shorten life expectancy. They also contribute to plant damage, corrosion, pollution, eutrophication, acidification and climate change.

This is really serious even China have large air pollution and it just about time every where get like this. Everything we do have consequence. The world is like a sinking ship doomed to fail and got badly corrupted.

Beijing air on a 2005-day after rain (left) and a smoggy day 2015 (right). Source Wiki
Beijing air

Monday, November 7, 2016

Left 4 Dead Dam It map by Turtle Rock Studios

The best selling and popular "Left 4 Dead" 4player Co-op game was developed by Turtle Rock Studios. Many years have passed and there is no official info from Valve if they want make new L4D3 game also Valve own the IP license to L4D games it's up to Valve if they want make a sequel but they don't do it.
Official Left 4 Dead Blog here is still up and alive.

Turtle Rock Studios made a campaign that was never finished, along with a couple survival maps that never shipped. Dam It stitches Dead Air and Blood Harvest together. Now you can download this map. You can find more info at or  here.  Notice it has some bugs but still playable and there is some missing textures. "It's gray box, and some code features are missing, but it's playable from beginning to end," he wrote. "It also includes two standalone survival maps that never shipped."

Download: Install info: unzip .vpk file and copy to Left 4 Dead 'addons' folder. It will show up under Menu Extra addons.
Dam It map for L4D1 is 144MB
Dam It map for L4D2 port:

There was many map mods you could download for L4D games in the good old days at this mod websites but they are closed:  Closed have moved to  Closed

One last thing a new car simulator game "City Car Driving" have been released at steam it have got some good reviews see it here

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Before the Flood NG Doc

A new documentary "Before the Flood" by National Geographic channels 1hr and 35min is out see it at Youtube Everyone should watch this because it is important many life are at stake and all earth and everything in it is at stake and many will suffer. Before the Flood with Leonardo DiCaprio as he explores the topic of climate change, and discovers what must be done today to prevent catastrophic disruption of life on our planet.

If you want more  National Geographic Climate Change Documentary's:
- Six Degrees Could Change The World 2008
- The Year The Earth Went Wild 2011

BBC Climate Change Documentary's_
- David Attenborough 'Climate Change - Britain Under Threat' - YouTube
- David Attenborough The Truth About Climate Change (BBC)

"and don't forgot the Action  movie "On Deadly Ground (1994)"  by Steven Seagal shows how oil company's destroy earth."

Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Adventures of Hyperman from 1995 by IBM

The Adventures of Hyperman

I still remember one good old game by IBM from 90's "The Adventures of Hyperman" is an educational point-and-click adventure game that teaches science through puzzles. Released 1995 by IBM, SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. It seem it has become abandonware  you can download the ISO file free at it's around 179MB. Note since this is a old game it can not be installed or run on modern OS and hardware you need to use DOSBox.

There was a time in the good old days developers made quality games like Hyperman it's sad too see there is no more of this unique games. Today's new games only focus to improve graphic. Also another game from 90's "Day of the Tentacle Remastered" Originally released by LucasArts in 1993 is available at Steam too.