Monday, November 16, 2015

18ws old Truck game mods downloads by 3dartpol

After many years it's time to bring back the good old days mod for download. As many remember me late in 2004 i was the first modder to make 3D mods for 18ws Pttm Scs games. Now i have made some of my mod available for download if anyone want remember the good old days mods. It only the important mods, there is more but i can not add all for download.  There will be no convention for new truck game because i can not convert anymore and it is very harder to mod for new games it was lot easier in the old games.

Install info for mods:
After you extract the archive zip or rar Place copy the *.SCS files in your Mod folder. Example
..\My Documents\18 WoS Haulin\mod

"Discalmer: Remember do not upload or modify this mods anywhere you use it only for private use. If anyone want to convert it for new truck games that will be ok as long original readme and credit and author name are included."

       For 18 WoS Extreme Trucker 2 game:

Extreme-Trucker-2_Wrecker_3Dartpol Gameplay video Youtube
- Converted for 18 WoS Extreme Trucker 2 by Cristinel
- Trailer modified from the Broken_Truck cargo into a trailer by Cristinel
- Mesh by:  3dartpol   (2004-12-09)
Download link:

        For Euro Truck Simulator 1 game:

Mackr RS700L truck by 3dartpol
 Credits: Conversion to ETS and new skin by wopito

Download link:

               For 18ws Convoy game:
Convoy old Mackr RS700L truck by 3dartpol Credits: converted by xxxxx

Download link: 

                For 18ws Haulin game:

Credits: XXXXX and thanks for 3dartpol for wrecker base model.

Download link:

                   For 18ws Haulin game:

Convoy old Mackr RS700L truck by 3dartpol and converted by xxxxx 

Download link: 

                     For 18ws Haulin game:
 Old Mackr v2.0 for 18ws haulin
3dartpol Website: (
Ols Website:
Special thanks goes to ols for massive update on this old mackr
He have fixed many thing and it really feels like a real old mackr when you drive it in the game.
Download link: URL 7Mb

                         For 18ws Pttm game:

Duel Combo by Ken Worth a.k.a. Truckerfan
Credits Trailer - Modified from original tnk_gas- Put real txtures - Added lights to correct places etc. Credit Truck - Modified from original p351 . This truck based on movie Duel (1971) was Directed by Steven Spielberg

Download link:

                           For 18ws Pttm game:

Maximum Overdrive Combo, by Griff379
Credits all in Readme
This truck is based on movie  Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Download link: 

                            For 18ws Pttm game:
 Volvo 9700 Bus for 18ws Pttm
SlaMauser for Haulin convertion.
3dartpol for Pttm convertion.
Sven777b for interior.

Download link:

18ws Haulin Convoy Mackr RS700L truck game play video by 3dartpol:

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Someting is rotten in the world and gets worse

Something is rotten in the world and it's gets worse every day. The world is going to hell it's gets Pollution and dark and cold just like some bad people with hate inside. Racist people gets more and more. I had to write this because I'm tired of all hate and destruction of planet earth. Some day ago many people got killed in France because of some religion hate and revenge by terrorist Islam I.S.Oh they have killed a lot more in Syria and Iraq too.

Hate and murder and revenge is most fault wrong it's one of the deadliest sins and greed that is like a fire it just destroy blindly.

People need to be warned there is many false religions in the world they just poison men mind and destroy and brain wash people. I.S Islam is evil barbarian killers and they just destroy and promote hate and they want rule over other people life.

 Also there is some christian religions they are false too. Westboro Baptist Church is just a hate religion and lie they just promote hate. And selfish Jehovah’s Witnesses Cult are false christian religions too they brain wash people and take power over people life they teach them how to think and feel and do and they make you like a slave under their false religion. They think they are better then other people, many members of them got brain damaged and their life destroyed by their propaganda and they gets sick both mental and physical.

There is 2 kind of people in the world those that get power over others and those that do not interfere with other life's and doing their own thing. To make the world a better place just show some kindness, all those bad people with hate and false religions must be deleted once for all. Equality for all and all selfish people that do not care and destroy the earth must be deleted.

All haters and false religion fanatics and those that destroy the earth are losers they all go to the grave:
Graveyard Cementry

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Convoy mackr Mod for GTA SA

In 2006 someone did try to work in converting my Convoy Mackr truck to GTA SA game. But unfortunately it was not finished because there was some technical problem and he had not time. Here is a pic of unfinished body and engine work 3dartpol convoy truck:
3dartpol Mackr Convy truck

Aslo there is another Convoy Mackr truck made for GTA SA by another modder...
Black Mackr GTA-SA by Arlan Edwards this one is done better...
Black Mackr GTA-SA by Arlan

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Developer: SoftLab-NSK

Hard Truck was Released Mars 1998
The Developer SoftLab-NSK website has been updated recently. Since 2009 after Rig’n’Roll game release there is no more game from them. They are busy and working on other stuff and have not time to make games anymore.

SoftLab-NSK is the pioneer in truck games they was the first developer that made truck games. Their first game Hard Truck was Released Mars 1998 and then after came Hard Truck 2 in Sep 2000 and after that came King of the Road in Jun 2002 and finally they released their last game Rig’n’Roll Russian ver in 2009 and English ver in 2010.

SoftLab-NSK should make an updated version of King of the Road HT2 a HD update some sort to work on modern hardware and OS. I mean update the old game not making a new one. HT2 was the first game i did play in the good old days that made me interested in trucking games.
Hard Truck 2 in Sep 2000
King of the Road in Jun 2002

Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Gaming 144Hz Monitors

New gaming monitors will be coming soon. It seems 27" size and 144Hz become standard for gamer but i recommend 24" size if you sit close. Also the best gaming monitors is made by Japanese Eizo i recommend them in fist place. For best color quality i recommend IPS panel, TN panel will not show colors and view angels good.

For the first time Dell is making new 27" gaming monitors:
- Dell S2716DG Gaming TN Panel G-Sync 144Hz (TBA Okt)
- Dell SE2716H VA Panel (TBA Sep)

And Eizo will release a new 27" gaming monitor it's similar Eizo Foris FS2434:
- Eizo Foris FS2735 IPS 27tum 144Hz AMD Freesync (TBA 2015)

And Asus too will release a new monitor:
- Asus ROG Swift PG279Q WQHD 144Hz IPS Panel with G-sync (TBA Okt)

Asus ROG Swift PG279Q

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

new content is coming to Zombie Army Trilogy

There was no announcement for "Left 4 Dead 3" at Gamescom it's up to Valve to make it and it seem there will be none. I'm disappointed. Thank fully there is other talented game developers like Rebellion that made Zombie Army games it's similar Left 4 Dead some sort.

I've got a newsletter from Rebellion that:
FREE new content is coming to Zombie Army Trilogy on August 20. Head to the Steam forum to discuss what it could be! here 

The free update was: The entire cast all 8 of the Left 4 Dead games are now available to play in Zombie Army Trilogy more info and launch trailer 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Windows 10

Windows 10
Starting on July 29 today, Microsoft has start rolling out Windows 10 to Windows Insiders, They will start notifying reserved systems in waves, slowly scaling up after July 29th. You need have patience it take time also their servers are busy.

Windows 10 upgrade will be free for those that have genuine Windows 7 & 8. Remember you must first upgrade for your windows product key to get registered then you can use USB or ISO DVD to install a Clean install with a media creation tool more info here. Your PC will activate online automatically so long as the same edition of Windows was successfully activated.

The Bad stuff in Win10:
- Win Update without users knowledge use internet bandwidth like P2P, it can not be turned off only limited to local network
-  Backward compatibility older games CD won’t run with SecuROM DRM
-  Automatic install both for drivers and other from windows update can cause problems
-  Microsoft collects your personal data they have keylogger app Cortana, and other apps that may spy
-  Windows 10 generates a unique advertising ID for Advertisers (it can be disabled in privacy)
-  You will have no privacy (Microsoft can disclose your data when it feels like it)

The Good stuff in Win10:
 - DirectX 12
-  Microsoft’s new Xbox to PC cross-platform multiplayer
-  Faster
-  Virtual Desktops
- The new start menu is better but still No aero.

First security hole Wi-Fi Sense in Windows 10 it shares your passkeys. Microsoft need to get back to drawing board.