Tuesday, September 2, 2014

3D renders MACK-R S700L truck by 2 other artist

I was not the only one that modeled the 3D model of  Rubber Duck MACK RS700L
2 more pro 3D artist have made it too. I'll post render image of all to compare which one is most accurate to real one. The Good The Bad And The Ugly...

1) First one, Mack-R S700L Renders by volunteergraphics.com
Very great model professional made only problem the cabin where the doors are is not in correct size and the edges of body is not round.

Mack-R S700L Renders by volunteergraphicsMack-R S700L Renders by volunteergraphics

2) Second one, Mack RS786LST Rubber Duck By Zwilling
Well made model but the body is not in correct size nor the cabin it's blocky and not round.

Mack RS786LST Rubber Duck By ZwillingMack RS786LST Rubber Duck By Zwilling

3) Third one, MACK-R S700L by 3dartpol

This one made by me is not very high quality but i have made it all the body and cabin in correct size as real one similar Convoy film.
Convoy MACK-R S700L by 3dartpolConvoy MACK-R S700L by 3dartpol

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