Thursday, December 4, 2014

Truck & Car manufacturers free games

Here is a list as far as i know of games developed in close cooperation with truck & car Manufacturers. Some of them are free and other not. If you know any more post a comment.

Renault Trucks Racing Game
- It's free offical truck racing game made by Renault trucks manufacturers, Website:

Scania Truck Driving Simulator
- A small competition & challenge game made by Scs Software in cooperation with Scania AB in 2012 Website:

Volvo Fh16 700 Worlds Strongest Truck
- It's a flash game you can run in your web browser. Official website Copyright Volvo AB 2009

Mercedes-Benz World Racing
Mercedes Benz Truck Racing
- Developed in close cooperation with Mercedes-Benz, in 2003 made by German dev Website: N/A Wiki

BMW - Gran Turismo 4 BMW Virtual Drive (DEMO) PS2
- A limited demo version from selected BMW partners, in which one can you drive the new BMW 1er. For PlayStation 2 only. Website: N/A

Volvo – The Game
- It's free racing simulation video game for Windows, developed by Swedish SimBin Studios in cooperation  with Volvo Cars AB and released in May 2009. Available at Gamersgate

Ferrari Virtual Race
- It's a free official Ferrari game made in 2009
Website is no longer available. N/A

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