Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Coach Sim is still under work

Good news for Bus sim fans Scs Software has not abandoned their upcoming bus sim game. The release date is still unknown they must first finish ATS game and it can take long time before we can see a Bus sim game by Scs.
A small team "The Coach Sim Team" is still working on the Bus sim game how many people there is no info.  In Recent interview made by Squirrel in Part 1 after 8min one of the developers 3D artist shows one Bus and it's inside interior work, here is some pictures behind the scene at Scs Software office:

▶  Inside SCS Software and 1 hour with American Truck Simulator - URL
▶  Inside SCS Software - Part 1 - YouTube - URL

Also from Part 4 of Interview:
"Finally they have some programmers pay attention to the bus game project and creating special feature. They do not promise any release date but they hope to get it done in 2016"

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