Wednesday, May 13, 2015

World of Trucks first newsletter #1 by Scs

I have received the first World of Trucks newsletter #1!
Anyone can get Scs Software newsletter by marking a check box in World of Trucks website in profile page. It contains developer diary and some depth about what went into Scandinavia development, as well as touch other projects that are currently in various stages. If you did not received newsletter you can find it at Scs Software forum there they store all future newsletters.

For American Truck Simulator fans:
They will start showing you a lot more about American Truck Simulator, it's in early alpha version. They was busy to finish ets2 Scandinavia and they will show more info about ATS later.

"Most people in the company are currently occupied with putting finishing touches to Scandinavia and working on ATS, they haven't forgotten about this project! A small team have been working on building and implementing coaches on top of their technology during the past two years. They have been building the vehicles, chasing licences, and exploring technical aspects of adapting the ETS2 world - the gameplay aim is to have the focus on multi-stop routes that would be quite different from standard delivery jobs currently available in ETS2.    
What is the vision for the project? For a short while, they have been toying with the idea of building it into a standalone game. But in the end they have realized that they do not have enough focus to do a full-scale production of all-new original content. With inevitable extensive reuse of material from Euro Truck Simulator 2, it is more fair to think about coaches as appearing in the form of a DLC, benefitting from the constant updates to the base ETS2 game and sharing the same ever-growing game world as the playfield for passenger as well as cargo transportation."
Here is some screenshots of Coach Sim:
Coach Sim

Coach Sim

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  1. Also they are currently working on a new game window that should make mod users' and creators' lives more organized and manageable - a Mod Manager. The Mod Manager will help organize mods that can be obtained from a wide array of mod sources and yet players want them to co-exist. In the future, they also plan for its integration with one of the world's best mod distribution channels - Steam Workshop. Mod Manager to be released in one of future regular free updates of Euro Truck Simulator 2 beyond the update 1.18 horizon.