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Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

There is many old games that do not work on modern hardware and operative-system. I made a step by step Guide many year ago how to use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 now I post it at the blog. I know some may say that Oracle VM VirtualBox is better but believe me I have test all and i must say Microsoft Virtual PC is much better.

With Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 you can install old Windows98 operating system on modern hardware and OS. This is very useful to run some old games and programs if you can not run them on modern Pc. Virtual PC It will emulate a Pentium III Cpu and S3 Trio32/64 GraficCard and Soundblaster 16 soundcard. This provides you with the flexibility to use different operating systems on one physical computer.

Step by step guide for Microsoft Virtual PC and installing Windows 98 by 3dartpol
What is needed first is that you have this 2 things:
- Windows98 Install Disc CD. (or a cd iso image)
- Windows98 Start Disk Floppy (or image can be found at

1) Download Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 program from

2) Install it then click on "New Virtual Machine Wizard" select the first option "create a virtual machine"Select name and where to save it. Then Select the system that you are going to emulate in this case Windows98

3) Then you get to memory select adjusting ram select 512 MB ram. You can probably use 256-512 MB ram or less.
4) Then click on a new virtual hard-drive
Then you can choose where to save it and how big it can be. Some GB will be good for your virtual hard-drive.

5) If you have windows98 CD put it in the cdrom drive letter D:
then click on CD and then use psychial drive D:
** Also you can mount a ISO image too.

Note! If you want to install an early OS like W98 which does not boot from
CD/DVD, you will need to use a floppy boot disk to start the vm. If you
don't have a floppy disk drive on your host machine you can download a
virtual boot floppy image and drag it on to the floppy drive icon

6) Insert Win98 floppy start disk in drive A:
Star the Vitual Pc and the floppy loads and select option 1 to load Cdrom driver support

7) At the Dos promt A: type: FDISK
to create a dos primiry partion and after it's done do not forget to format it!
at the Dos promp type: FORMAT C:
8) At the dos prompt you need to switch to cdrom drive, type and enter: D:
then type: INSTALL To start the Win98 install program

9) Just follow the instruction to install win98 when done after that the computer will reboot.

That was all...
Some tips for full screen press "Alt GR + Enter "and the same to run it in window mode if you want to move your mouse outside the emulation window press "Alt GR "

This is Windows 98 desktop Pic this is how it looks when you are done all correct.
Other info and hints:
- More info about also Hardware virtualization see Wiki all recent Intel processors support VT
- If you need Win98 bootdisk files or info about AllBootDisks visit
- If you have problem to run old Dos games you can try DOSBox, an x86 emulator with DOS
- WindowsXP Virtual PC mod for Windows7 do not support hardware acceleration it can only run programs and not games.

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  1. Update:
    Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 is not compatible and do not work with Windows 10 OS
    You can use VirtualBox instead this one works with win10