Monday, April 11, 2016

Flash back mods for old 18 Wos truck games

It was year 2004 that all modding begun for 18 Wos truck games. Time goes fast 12 years has gone since that time. Some of the good old days mods are forgotten. I will post some picture of the special mods to remember them. There is more mods i can not post all here, tt will take a lot of pages. It nice to look back to see and remember this old mods again. Just do not forget that all this mods was not possible without help and plugin from Zmodeler2 program Back in the old days there was no Blender plugins from Scs and was no modding Wiki.

18 Wos Haulin
Optimus Prime pete
Optimus Prime pete by VanDeNiggo & evh5150vanhalen made in 2008
It replace the standard p385 truck. It's not standalone. It's based on the real Peterbilt truck in transformers movie. 

Euro Truck Simulator
Toyota LandCruiser 60 (1987) Toyota LandCruiser 60 (1987) Drivable Off Road Car made in 2008 Converted by Cristinel and 3dartpol. It Replaces Renault Magnum C truck and It has own interior!

18 Wos Convoy
European double trailers combo by 3dartpolEuropean double trailers combo by 3dartpol. It can pivot in 2 point. It's not a tandem. I did made in 2006-02-07.

18 Wos Pedal to the Metal
Smoke ModDarker Smoke by Ken Worth
It makes the smoke more darker

18 Wos Pedal to the Metal
Showroom mod
Showroom mod by hardtruckisthebest made in year 2005 as you see in picture it add grass and tree to background of showroom...

18 Wos Pedal to the Metal 
Fog Storm weather mod for pttm
Fog Storm weather mod for pttm
It did add fog to some area of the map

18 Wos Across America
Mack-R truck by 3dartpolMack-R truck by 3dartpol
I was the first to make truck mods for AA game thanks to Zmodeler2 program without it it was not possible.

18 Wos Across America
P379 dumper truck for AA by 3dartpol
P379 dumper truck for AA by 3dartpol for 18 Wos Across America game. I got inspiration from the old Atari Driver game has similar truck.

For more mods and download see this blog post:


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