Saturday, June 4, 2016

Phoenix3D 360° photo-realistic pre render game engine

Dracula The Resurrection

I did made a list of Most well known game engines here I did forgot to post one of the best old realistic game engines Phoenix3D Phoenix VR middleware, developed by 4X Technologies S.A, for 360° photo-realistic pre render click and point adventure games. Some of the best Dracula games whas made by this. You can buy the old Dracula games at GOG at reduced pries now. The company that made that engine is no longer around and closed maybe this can give some ideas for new game developers.

About 4X Technologies S.A
"4X Technologies was a French company founded in 1997 by Emmanuel Forsans and Jérôme Larrieu. 4X was located in Paris and employed about 50 people at its peak. It specialized in the creation of middleware tools and is especially known for it Phoenix3D engine, which later became the foundation for Kylotonn Entertainment's Kt engine. Other tools include 4X Movie (movie compression for Windows, Macintosh, Dreamcast and Game Boy Advance games), Phoenix VR (tools package for 360° photo-realistic environments immersion), and the X3D engine.The main company along with the divisions were closed in early 2003."

Games using a version of the Phoenix VR middleware, developed by 4X Technologies S.A, a tools package for 360° photo-realistic environments immersion.
  • Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy  GOG 
  • Dracula: The Last Sanctuary    GOG
  • Dracula: The Resurrection    GOG
  • The Omega Stone    GamersGate
  • The Messenger   

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