Sunday, January 31, 2016

C.W. McCALL - CONVOY 1975 Video

I've found the very old original C.W. McCALL - CONVOY 1975 (Audio Enhanced) music video at Youtube link
It may be hard to find it's from the good old days 70's from the creator (W. Dale Fries) of Convoy song he both sings and performs. 2 years later the Convoy song was used in the trucking film Convoy (1978).

Note! C.W. McCall is not a real person. “C.W. McCall” isn’t the name of the group that recorded the music.
C. W. McCall is the pseudonym of William Dale Fries, Jr, an American singer, activist and politician known for his truck-themed outlaw country songs.

C.W. McCall’s popularity reached its peak in January 1976, when “Convoy” — from his second album, Black Bear Road — reached the number one position. More info see

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