Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Most well known game engines

There is many games engine out there for game development and it's not a easy task to make own engine from zero. I will list most well known game engines.
Some people say that Scs Software need to change their game engine but this people or kids don't know anything about programming or optimization.  Scs Software have skilled programmers they have self created own Prism3D game engine that is optimized for truck games now some people say they should use Unreal Engine 4 that is a bad idea because Unreal Engine 4 is best suitable for shooter fps games and not for truck games. Also it is possible to make a truck game in UE4 but they must optimize it well. What Scs need to do is just update their Prism game engine to support DirectX11 & 12 and OpenGL in their recent interview Pavel said they will update their shader for Directx11.

Cryengine V 
Cryengine new update has been announced more info at
Best suitable for shooter fps and driving open world games or other stuff can handle large world

Source 2
Valve announced the Source 2 engine, and that it will be free for developers and compatible with the new Vulkan Graphics API. In addition, Valve confirmed that it would be using a new in-house physics engine named Rubikon.

Stingray game engine by Autodesk
Has excellent light and animation support  also it's made by same makers that made 3dsMax and Maya so it should be very good optimized for 3d mesh:

Unity 5 
This is low budget game engine best suitable for creating 2D games and for indie dev

OGRE - Open Source 3D Graphics Engine
Rigs of Rods truck simulator game based on an advanced soft-body physics was made with OGRE engine.

Unreal Engine 4
Developed by Epic Games since 1998 Excellent high quality engine best for shooter fps games

Frostbite Engine
Is made by DICE is excellent realistic graphic best suitable for shooter fps games
Also it can be used for racing car games. Need for Speed: The Run and Rival was made with Frostbite Engine

Rockstar Advanced Game Engine (RAGE)
Used in games Red Dead Redemption and GTA more info Wiki

Phoenix VR middleware, developed by 4X Technologies S.A, for 360° photo-realistic pre render click and point it's a old engine not longer available more info here

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  1. Someone has made a realistic 4K render video and snow with Unreal Engine (Some have talent and it is the skill that matters not the tools)