Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rig'n'Roll Gold Edition on Win10

Rig'n'Roll Gold Edition
Some people on Steam posted for Rig'n'Roll game that they had some difficulty to run the game under Windows 8 because of the protection StarForce, the developers do not want to update the protection driver to support Windows 8.1. You have to Go on the Steam Files, Rig N Roll, click on properties in rungame.exe, and take the compability on windows 8. it will run the game.

I have tested "Rig'n'Roll Gold Edition" DVD version 3.05.2726 and it works great under Windows 10 64bit "Rig'n'Roll Gold Edition" was released in 2013 by Polish publisher Cenega and it have not any protection and no StarForce. So if you want stay out of problem do not buy Steam version go for Gold Retail version.

This game could be great but developer ruin it, had some bad design and annoying long cut scene that you can not skip. Also the game map is based on real world distance and it takes very long time to deliver cargo and it make the game very boring and monotonous.

Rig'n'Roll Gold Edition includes Content Monster Cup add-on:
"The „Monster Cup“ is a special add-on to the Rig‘N‘Roll game, providing completely
new routes, vehicles, and allowing you to take part in a major truckers‘ race organized
by the CCWA (California Commercial Warehouse Alliance) In that competition, you not
only need to deliver your cargo - you also have to be the fastest driver! The Monster
Cup race consists of a few different parts and sometimes you just have to win a few
races in order to get to the next stage, but remember that in other cases even being
second won‘t be enough
The add-on is available either after finishing the Rig‘N‘Roll scenario or from the
„Story“ section in main menu, after turning that scenario off"
info From Manual page 7

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