Monday, March 26, 2018

Truth About Climate Change

The earth is slowly dying and got sick, by many pollution caused by no other than humans and their invention since year 1900 until now thing got worse in the earth, this new evil modern age will destroy everything that was good fast. There will be mass extinction if we don't fix climate change.
I saw that David Attenborough Documentary aboth Climate Change Part 1 was blocked removed on youtube, it must be important that they don't want you to know the truth maybe. It is strange the part 2 is not blocked. Go see it while it's not blocked.

▶ David Attenborough The Truth About Climate Change (BBC - Part 1) - YouTube
▶ David Attenborough The Truth About Climate Change (BBC - Part 2) - YouTube

Climate Change is real! anyone that deny it they must be blind or stupid or they don't want let other know the truth, how can anyone that see by his own eye all the bad things happen to planet earth and yet they deny the truth.

I do not need say by words just an simple picture example like this: before and after.... Air pollution in China:
Air pollution in China

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